i New Customer ||WANTED HANDS

New Customer:

We believe that we can offer a range of unique capabilities

We have created our own app, that makes booking crew and the flow of information alot easier. Contact us to get a log in.

and off caurs:

We have a solid experience with shows, events, conferences and entertainment.

A strong team with a wide range of expert knowledge.

A highly functional booking system.


We are also able to provide these unique strengths:

A database of our personnel. A stage hand is a colleague for a day. The right chemistry has to be in place alongside the skills. We allow you to handpick your team.

Investment in the workforce. We spend countless hours training new people and beating bad habits out of the veterans. We provide our people with a physical and virtuel training centre.

Uniform. We take pride in making sure that our people look presentable and have a similar appearance.


You are most welcome to contact us, if you are curious and wish to know more about us and our services.

You are also welcome to call, if the $#!/ has hit the fan and you need our Hands in two hours.