About us

Wanted Hands grew from the recognition that there was a lack of a firm that could offer a network of presentable, fast and reliable Hands, who were able to deliver a higher level of service than the rest of the business.

We did not content ourselves with offering warm bodies in T-shirts, but rather independently thinking Hands with an eye for the needs of our clients.

With a wide range of experiences from all manner of events we joined together and formulated a singular thought: ”As long as the equipment of the client is in our care, it is ours.”

And that pays off – for us as well as for our clients. We are expanding our client base, and old clients are faithfully returning to do business with us – all because we switched our focus from strnog hands to thinking Hands.


Welcome to Wanted Hands

these are people with technical background knowledge, who show respect for our equipment and are able to work independently.

They simple turn up and get to work - we don't need to instruct them at all